Geneclean problems

Mr. Steven Swift; BIOL; GRAD sswift at
Fri Jul 1 10:12:00 EST 1994

Bruce E. Taillon (bt0u+ at wrote:
: >We are having terrible problems with the BIO101 "Geneclean" kit.
: >We have tested different  plasmids, rest. enzymes, researcher'hands
: >and so on but we never obtain purified bands which can ligate efficiently.
: >Apparently the problems started a couple of months ago (march-April 94)
: >and we wonder if it has something to do with new batches of the kit
: shipped to 
: >Europe (Italy).
: >We usually purify our DNA bands from Ultra Pure agarose (BRL) gel  run in 
: >TBE buffer.
: >Any suggestion is gratly welcome !!!!
: > 
: >Daniela Marazziti
: >Insti. of Cell Biology, CNR, Viale Marx 43, I-00137 Rome
: >fax: +39-6-8273287
: >e-mail: daniela at

: In agreement with the other replys - switch to TAE.  Also I have found
: that doing the purification right away is important.  I never let the
: DNA sit in the gel slice for more then overnight.

: good luck, 

: Bruce Taillon
: Washington University in St. Louis
: Biology Dept.

  I've kept gels slices at -20C for several days without problems, and while 
  I wasnt trying to analyze my success rate with ligations with this DNA,
  I did subclone my DNA fragments about as well as ever. 

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