magic DNA purification

Tue Jul 5 08:51:49 EST 1994

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> Dear Bionetter,
> 	Nisha, one Bristish girl in our lab. want to recover an insert from
> the agarose gel.  At present she directly spin down the band gel with Spin-x
> Filter unit, and she want to try magic methods.  I ever did with magic methods, 
> the rate of recovery was very good,  but I can not remember which company suppy
> glass milk.  please tell me if some one kow it.   Thank you 
> 	Cheng

Sounds like you were using Magic PCR/mini prep kits from Promega,  They are
now called Wizards.  I use wizards for Automated Sequencing  and for
agarose gel purification and have been extremely satisfied

Alan  Shore, DNA core Univ. of Cincinnati

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