transducing recA w/o tetR ?

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Wed Jul 6 17:48:29 EST 1994

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> Hello,
> Has anyone used P1vir to transduce E. coli to recA- using a marker other than
> tn10(tetR) ? My host strain is already tetR and I have been trying to move 
> a tn9-200 linked recA marker from DB1319 (recA938::Tn9-200). So far no 
> luck. 
> Does anyone see any inherent problems in this strategy (eg. transducing a 
> tn9 linked mutation) ?
> thanks,
> Jim
> J. E. Graham 

Here's my 2 scents Salmonella typhimurium srl::tn10dTet is
often used as a closely linked marker for the transduction of recA1
(approx. %12). When TetR cannot be used people often try srl::Tn10dCam.
There are also strains (both E.coli and S.typhimurium) which has a
Kanamycin cassette inactivating recA. You can do P1 transductions between
S.typhimurium and E.coli (with a commensurate reduction in efficiency)

I hope some of the above core dump is useful


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