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RNAse Free !?

M K Bennett pamkb at mail.bris.ac.uk
Tue Jul 12 04:28:41 EST 1994

Basavaraju Shankarappa (bsh at MED.PITT.EDU) wrote:
: >Hello!
: >What is the most reliable - and the least detrimental - anti-RNase
: >treatment of 
: >microtome or cryostate blades to be used in in situ hybridization?
: >How "bad" a blade's baking (eight hours, 200 c) is for its sharpness or
: > its 
: >quality in general? Is incubation with hydrogen peroxide (3%) or with DEPC
: >(0.1%?) satisfactory? What are other known methods?
: >A bit aside, what kind of RNase inhibitor is commonly used during
: > processing
: >tissue sections for ISH; is it used during hybridization step, too?
: > Thanks a lot for reading this and sharing your experience.
: > Bohdana Badzio
: > Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
: >bbadzio at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca

: Molecular BioProducts has been sending free samples and literature on their
: new product called RNaseAWAY.  I think it is some kind of highly alkaline 
: chemical to irreversibly modify the RNAse molecule.  
: They say (show some data) that it is very good in keeping labware and 
: counters entirely free of RNAses.  It seems like it would be ideal in your 
: situation.  Maybe you should give them a call, they should be more than
: happy to give you a free sample.  You can evaluate it and post a followup
: about your experience.  Unfortunately, I don't have any toll free numbers.
: Send a fax at (619) 453-4367 for their literature.
: No affiliations blah, blah....
: Raj Shankarappa
: bsh at med.pitt.edu

My wife does in situ with cryostat sections and doesnt treat the blade in
anyway special for cutting in situ sections.  IMHO I wouldnt bother with
treating the blade.  Just concentrate on any glassware/solutions that you use


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