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synth DNA analogos?

Steven Striepeke sstriepk at crl.com
Fri Jul 15 15:10:12 EST 1994

Try Millipore. A guy there, Jim Coull, started working with them over ten 
years ago. Recently Millipore ( Biosearch ?? who Knows what they're 
calling themselves today!!) indicated a committment to sell PNA monomers. 
There are people there that have done some very basic work in the 
development of DNA analogs. Call their tech support and be persistant 
about getting to talk with a scientist. One person there who is very 
enthusiastic about the technology is Dr. Jack Johanssen, maybe he could 

Also take a look at Science vol.262. 10 Dec. 93 - lots of good info there 
but its not even the tip of the iceberg!

 Karl Voss (karl at hobbes.chem.ualberta.ca) wrote:
: I am looking for synthetic DNA/RNA oligonuclotides that have a modified
: backbone.  I have heard that these are being used in antisense DNA 
: type thearpy schemes.  I found a paper , Science 254, pg 1497 that
: describes one of these with a polyamide backbone instead of the sugar
: phosphodiester one.  This would be perfect for me.  

: I anyone knows if these analogs are commercially available, or if 
: anyone has any experience with them I would really appreciate if
: you could contact me.  Thanks very much.

: Karl Voss
: karl at hobbes.chem.ualberta.ca

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