RNA isolation

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Tue Jul 19 17:38:55 EST 1994

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>Hi, I have been trying to isolate total RNA from styles of flowers. The problem
is that one of the most abundant proteins in the style is RNAse and
therefore i have been getting partially degraded RNA, I have been usung a
buffer which has high concentration of urea and b-mercaptoethanol. Also I
haven't been using DEPC water or baking my glassware. This seems to have no
effect on leaf RNA isolation, though. Any suggestions would be greatly

    I suggest using TRI-Reagent (Molecular Research Center, Cinn. OH.
USA-1-800-462-9868) or TRI-zol (I think) from BRL/GIBCO (same product). I
have used it for about one year, it works well for cells and tissues, and I
like it! Also, the company has good customer service and tech. support.
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