GE EJA 150W 21V Bulb source

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at
Fri Jul 22 12:07:42 EST 1994

Victor Jimenez G. (vjimenez at BRIBRI.CI.UCR.AC.CR) wrote:
: Hi,
: 	I need a replacement bulb (General Electric EJA 150W 21V) for a lamp
: in our lab.  Since it is not available in my country, even from the GE
: dealer, I tried a similar one, with the same characteristics, but instead of
: being EJA, it had another code.  After 5 min. of use,  it blowed up.
: 	I called again the dealer and he told me that the code EJA is very
: specific, so no other bulb would fit and work properly.
: 	Does anybody knows a possible source for it?  We need it at the lab.
: for our everyday work.

Try The Second Source, P.O. Box 7787, La Verne, CA  91750. Phone

I tried to look for the bulb but they don't list bulbs under GE's number

Good luck,
Shiao Wang
University of Southern Mississippi

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