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Silver Staining of Protein Gels

Dietmar.Tietz at agrar.uni-giessen.de Dietmar.Tietz at agrar.uni-giessen.de
Sun Jul 24 04:27:41 EST 1994

> We are interested in methods for silver staiing of protein SDS gells
> whoch would give the highest signal to noise ratio.  The procedures
> that we are currently experimenting with were published over 10 years
> ago and show increased background staining.   
> Thanks,  Herb Samuels
Dear Herb Samuels, please find attached a list of publications
that should contain useful information.

Good luck !  Dietmar Tietz

T. Rabilloud, L. Vuillard,C. Gilly and J.J. Lawrence, 
Silver-staining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels: a general
overview. Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand), 40, 57-75, 1994
J Heukeshoven and R. Dernick,  Improved silver staining procedure for 
fast staining in  PhastSystem Development Unit. I. Staining of sodium 
dodecyl sulfate gels. Electrophoresis, 9, 28-32, 1988
C.R. Merril, Advances in Electrophoresis (VCH), 1, 111-139, 1987 (Review)
J. Heukeshoven and R. Dernick, Simplified method for 
silver staining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels and the mechanism
of silver staining.  Electrophoresis, 6, 103-112, 1985
E.W. Willoughby and A. Lambert, A sensitive silver stain for proteins 
in agarose gels.  Anal.  Biochem., 130,  353-358, 1983
J.G. Guillemette and P.N. Lewis, Detection of subnanogram 
quantities of DNA and RNA on native and denaturing polyacrylamide
and agarose gels by silver staining. Electrophoresis, 4,  92-94, 1983
B. Budowle, Increasing the sensitivity of protein detection
of a silver stain for agarose gels.  Electrophoresis, 5, 174-175, 1984
S. Peats, Quantitation of protein and DNA in silver-stained agarose gels.  
Anal.  Biochem., 140, 178-182, 1984
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