PCR for mycoplasma infe

Dr. M. Bennett molvet at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Jul 26 02:36:33 EST 1994

slee at opal.tufts.edu wrote:
: Hi.  Does anyone have experience with using PCR to detect mycoplasma 
: infections in tissue culture cells?  Do you havwe oligo sequences that work?
: Does anyone do this method routinely?  Is it sensitive?  Does anyone know
: the commercial vendor that sells the PCR kit for mycoplasma detection?  Thanks
: so much Steph

I think you're right  -there is a commercial mycoplasma TC kit but I can't
remember who sells it.  I'll get back to you when I remember.  Meanwhile,
you could qask Idexx who sell commercial poultry mycoplasma PCR detection kits
and who may be able to help.


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