Mac Reference/Bibliography programs

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Tue Jul 26 17:12:16 EST 1994

I believe the Endnote Plus also allows importing from Medline, Current 
contents etc.  It's also quite easy to use and allows customization
of reference styles for print outs.

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David Martin x3175 (dmartin at wrote:
: In article <1994Jul14.170548.22615 at> 
: ttha at (Tom Thatcher) writes:
: >
: >I highly recommend Reference Manager.  It supports all major word
: >processing programs, can import references from almost any source,
: >and can be purchased with Reference Update, which automatically searches
: >and imports references from CUrrent Contents on Disk.

: Well, I have used the PC version and it does almost instantaneous keywords
: and author searches, outputs very nicely too. And that is on a steam driven
: 286 8MHz with over 6000 refs in my personal database.

: very impressive, except that it cuts down the coffee breaks :-)

: ...d

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