Fixing sequencing gels

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at salus.med.uvm.edu
Sat Jul 30 15:50:10 EST 1994

In Article <Tmeyn-260794184028 at blast.agmarley.arizona.edu>,
Tmeyn at ccit.arizona.edu (Tony Meyn) wrote:
>In article <cupton.1125646336B at ra.uvic.ca>, cupton at sol.uvic.ca ( Chris
>Upton) wrote:
>> In response to an article in Biotechniques (FEB '94, Yang & Waldman), that
>> suggested it wasn't necessary to fix 35S seq gels but that the Saran Wrap
>> should be left on - I persuaded a grad student next door to try this :-)
...(stuff deleted)... 
>> Cheers,
>>   Chris
>I never fix my sequencing gels.  You can not use Saran Wrap between
>the film and the gel as S35 is too weak to penetrate the plastic.  
>I dry my gels at 80C for two hours.  Normally this is fine.  
>When the humidity get up here, though, (around 40% :) )the film
>does tend to stick somewhat.  This doesn't bother me too much as
>I can still read the sequence without a problem.  
>Tony Meyn
>University of Arizona

I don't fix sequencing my gels anymore either-don't need to. However, I find
that I can leave the Saran Wrap on 35S sequencing gels and get good signal
from an overnight exposure nearly every time. I have also found that one
hour of drying at 80C is usually long enough, unless yo run wedge gels.

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