Rain-ex on sequencing plates?

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In article <313vrn$j2g at nic.umass.edu>, JMANGOR at UCSVAX.UCS.UMASS.EDU (Jodie Mangor) writes:
> I would appreciate any advice on the use of Rain-ex on sequencing plates.
> Thank you!
> Jodie Mangor

We routinely use Rain-ex on our sequencing plates, and it works great. We use
0.4 mm spacers, and apply Rain-ex to ONE plate only. A grad student applied it
to both plates and could not get the gel solution to flow between the
plates--so beware!

We usually apply to the larger plate so that the gel will stick to it. Works
like a charm, no toxicity to worry about. Just follow the directions on the
bottle--apply two coats, allowing it to dry between applications.

Wash plates after electrophoresis as usual. Lasts for approx 15 to 20 gels,
then reapply to clean plates.


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