How do you manage your working sample DNA in RAPD?

Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Jun 1 00:06:10 EST 1994

>Hello netters,
>I am having difficulty in the Abalone DNA. Once the DNA put into -20 or -70
>or 4C frige, there was NO RAPD bands immediately. I presume that the DNA
>was broken down during the frozen processing. Normally how do you arrange
>the DNA if you will use the same DNA in several RAPD reactions?
>Heart-felt thanks.
>With regards.
>Bixing Huang
>huangbx at

This is NOT a flame

Why is it that so many people freeze everything at -20??

I have kept genomic DNA (mammalian) at 4*C for YEARS (ALMOST DECADES) in
T10 E1 i.e Tris 10 mM EDTA 1mM (more recently 0.1mM EDTA) without ANY
problems of amplifying single copy genes.


I find that freeze-thawing degrades (sheares) the DNA and can give very
poor PCR results while at the same time does not appreciably do anything to
Southern analysis except weaken the signal.

Please: store at 4*C

The DNA survives much better.

my $0.02 worth

Cheers, Klaus

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