DNA PAGE EtBr query.

Shahram Mori smori at opus.nmsu.edu
Thu Jun 2 00:36:04 EST 1994

Robert Preston (rapr at MED.PITT.EDU) wrote:
: Netfolks: do any of you know if EtBr can be successfully included
: in a polyacrylamide gel, and/or in the running buffer, to avoid
: the post-run immersion in staining solution?  (and does enough
: excitation light get through the glass plate from a UV-box?)

: Thanks for input (neither current protocols nor maniatis specifically
: rule out running PAGE with EtBr).

: Rob Preston
: rapr at med.pitt.edu
I am not sure if I understand. Of course you can include EtBr in your gels
or buffer. I have never done it any other way. In fact after one run I
still use the same gel ( after cleaning it 5 volts overnight) but add about
20 ul of EtBr to the +end of the gel box. Upon running the DNA moving down
the gel will meet EtBr m,oving towards to the -Ve side.
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