How do you manage your working sample DNA in RAPD?

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Thu Jun 2 00:11:46 EST 1994

huangbx at DEAKIN.EDU.AU wrote:

: Hello netters,

: I am having difficulty in the Abalone DNA. Once the DNA put into -20 or -70
: or 4C frige, there was NO RAPD bands immediately. I presume that the DNA
: was broken down during the frozen processing. Normally how do you arrange
: the DNA if you will use the same DNA in several RAPD reactions?

: Heart-felt thanks.

: With regards.
I really don't think that freeze thawing at -70 C will have any effect on your
DNA. Unless A  VERY HIGHLY ACTIVE DNase was mistakenly added to the sample
DNA.Besides why don't you save your DNA at 4C. I do it all the time and make
sure that Vial of DNase is on the opposite end of the fridge. :)
Good Luck.
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