Roland J Saldanha rsaldanh at
Thu Jun 2 00:44:47 EST 1994

We are considering buying an oligonucleotide synthesizer.  The Millipore 
expedite seems to have several advantages ( very low solvent consumption 
significantly reducing synthesis $$, low cycle times and true two column 
independance etc) when compared to the ABS 392.  I would appreciate input from 
owners/operators of this machine.  I realise ABI has very deep market 
penentration and appears to be the "industry standard"  I would like to know if
this is an outmoded standard and if in fact the Millipore EXPEDITE is truly a 
better machine or mere marketing hype.  Input from people who have had the 
opportunity to work on both systems would be most appreciated.

Thank you

Roland Saldanha

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