DNA PAGE EtBr query.

Virginia Dress Dress at biosci.arizona.edu
Wed Jun 1 18:54:16 EST 1994

In article <9406012159.AA28797 at deimos.med.pitt.edu>, rapr at MED.PITT.EDU
(Robert Preston) wrote:
> Netfolks: do any of you know if EtBr can be successfully included
> in a polyacrylamide gel, and/or in the running buffer, to avoid
> the post-run immersion in staining solution?  (and does enough
> excitation light get through the glass plate from a UV-box?) (deletion)
> Rob Preston
> rapr at med.pitt.edu

I tried this once without success, but I'm not sure I had enough EtBr in my
sample buffer.  I didn't have it in the running buffer.  Don't forget that
acrylamide quenches EtBr fluorescence.  I think enough light will make it 
through the plate, but I think you'd get a better photo without it.


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