polyacrylamide-agarose gel

Lauri Lintott llintott at ACS.UCALGARY.CA
Wed Jun 1 16:24:58 EST 1994

Has anyone out there ever used vertical acrylamide-agarose gels?
I am trying to make a 3.5% acrylamide/0.5% agarose gel but I am
having 2 problems.  First of all how do you keep the gel from
slideing out?  I have tried using a 2% agarose wedge at the
bottom but this was unsuccesful.  Secondly, how do you get the
comb out without the wells collapsing?
One more question, do the spacers have to be thicker than the
comb as is stated in the only procedure I can find (R. H. Nicolas
in Gel Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids:A Practical Approach.
1990.  Ed. D. Rickwood and B.D. Hames).
Any advice would be appreciated.


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