baculovirus expression kits

Sean David Moore smoore at
Wed Jun 1 08:33:02 EST 1994

tjames at wrote:
: I need your help in buying a baculovirus expression kit. If you have experience
: with a particular kit or have heard good or bad reports on such kits, I would
: very much appreciate hearing from you.
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: T. C. James
: Department of Molecular Biology
: Wesleyan University
: Middletown, CT 06459-0175

I have used Buculo-gold and found it to work well for the expression of
p53 and Large-T antigen.

There was an instance when NONE of the batch gave recombinants, we thought
it was our error and continued on...about two weeks later, we were called
by the company, they apparently had a bad batch that went out...

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