pUC18 as expression vector

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In article <Martin.22.2DEAFD5F at gene.unp.ac.za>, Martin at gene.unp.ac.za (Darren.Martin) writes:
> I am interested to know what success people have had at getting expression 
> in E.  coli of bacterial genes cloned into pUC vectors with the genes under 
> control of the lac promotor.  I am particularly interested in the expression 
> of genes from Pseudomonas sp.  - I would also be interested in knowing 
> whether anybody has any experience with the expression in E. coli of genes (
> cloned into any vector) from gram negative aerobic bacteria (suc as the 
> Pseudomonads) under the control of the genes' native promotors.  

We are currently working on such a bacteria Serratia entomophila (gram neg,
aerobic), and find that genes that we clone into E. coli work fine under their
native promotors (chitinase, pili recA genes to name a few)

These genes have been cloned into a variety of vectors such as pBR322, pACYC184
and cosmids.

Also have a look at Gene 131 (1993) 79-82, and Gene 130 (1993) 121-126

Good luck

Glenn Manning
Manning at botn.canterbury.ac.nz

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