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> Hi!  I'm finding myself in the position where I need to do some Northern
> analysis of various mouse tissues and some cell lines relatively quickly for
> publication.  Some preliminary analysis by another lab indicates that we
> really need mRNA, rather than total.  We don't have bags of money, but I was
> thinking about trying (no flames about kits, please) the OligoTex Direct
> mRNA kit from Qiagen.  Does anybody out there have any experience with this
> kit?  Is it worth it?
>                                            Peggy

it works fine, but in your case you migt want to look into Invitrogens
FastTrack kit which has the protocols and reagents for direct isolation of
mRNA from cells and tissues included. Qiagen's oligoTex-dT is said to do
the trick as well, but to my knowledge, the company has not come out with a
definitive protocol/kit yet.

hope this helps,


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