plasmids containing amber mutations in selectable markers

jpcd0 at jpcd0 at
Thu Jun 2 07:29:39 EST 1994

I am very interested in getting hold of a plasmid with amber mutations in
the selectable marker (preferably ampicillin).

I am trying to clone rare cDNAs which have been trapped with a reporter
gene which also contains the supF minigene. I would like to increase the
cloning efficiency by selecting for supF after ligating into a plasmid
which contained an amber mutation in the Ampicillin and then
electrotransforming a sup0 host.

Can anyone help me?

Please email me at jpcd0 at

John Dixon

Wellcome/CRC Institute of Cancer and Developmental Biology
Cambridge University
Tennis Court Road
Cambridge CB2 1QR

Tel no 334131 Fax no 334134

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