Which protein seq. lab service??

John E. Fox altabios at bham.ac.uk
Fri Jun 3 04:51:37 EST 1994

In article <1994Jun3.162122.29268 at waikato.ac.nz>, pjc at waikato.ac.nz (Peter Charlton) says:
>I urgently need suggestions for commercial protein sequencing laboratories
>which you have found to provide good results with low to average amounts of
>protein (~10 pmol)
>Many thanks,
>(worried MSc student)

I run a core laboratory which among other things, includes protein sequencing.
Our record is 10 amino acids off 800 femtomole of sample, although this is at the extreme
edge of the technique when using an ABI 473.
We can work with either free proteins or blots on PVDF. Just give the blots a light stain
with amido black or similar.
We run the sequencing to GLP (Good laboratory practice) standards

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