Okay, Okaaaay!. Here's the recipe for Non ppt 10x TBE

Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Fri Jun 3 16:09:45 EST 1994

In <1994May31.210914.6379 at alw.nih.gov>, Jim Owens <jow at helix.nih.gov> writes:
>"Classic" (classic means when I was first exposed to it) TBE has
>equimolar amounts of Tris base and boric acid.  If memory serves, TBE is
>89mM Tris, 89mM boric acid, 25mM disodium EDTA.  But that is a VERY old
>recipe, my children.  At least 30 years old, when only proteins were
>separated in electric fields.
>Since then TBE has been modified.  BRL, e.g., has 10X TBE as 1M Tris
>base, 0.9M boric acid, 10mM EDTA, and the Maniatis bible has TBE as 90mM
>Tris, 90mM boric acid, 2mM EDTA.

The original recipe for 1X TBE was 2.5 mM Na2.EDTA, not 25 mM.  Be aware that you 
must use disodium EDTA, NOT the free acid, and not a pH-adjusted stock solution.  In 
our experience, the precipitation problem is less with 100 mM Tris, 90 mM boric acid, 
BUT also varies with "geographic location" (i.e. luck).

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