Auto-DNAprep machines

Jack S. Benner benner at
Sat Jun 4 12:31:59 EST 1994

In article <1994Jun1.200226.160 at>, hollingswor at

> Please excuse a novice poster's errors.
> Wanted:  Information on Automated Plasmid Prep Machines
> 		Suppliers, sources, ads, literature
> DNA produced must be of a quantity and quality sufficient for
>            automated sequencing (ABI's 373A)
> My boss wants me to demo them before July's budget review.
> Thanks...hollingsworth at

Try ISS-Enprotech of Boston, MA. They purchased a company (AutoGen) and now
sell  an automated miniprep machine. We demo'd it and it seemed to work
fine to produce DNA for use in our ABI 373. My opinion only and not NEB's.

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