Protocols for isolating large (>200kb) plasmids.

Chanpen Wiwat - PYMI pycww at MUCC.MAHIDOL.AC.TH
Sun Jun 5 00:02:49 EST 1994

On 2 Jun 1994 goyal at ocelot.Rutgers.EDU wrote:

> Dear netters,
> 	I am looking for protocols for isolating 'mega' plasmids (200kb or more)
> from bacteria. I have tried some of the usual alkaline lysis procedures, but
> havent yet succeeded fully.
> 	Before I test a couple of other procedures, I thought I would get input
> from others who might have had some experience in this.
> Thanks
> Goyal at
Dear Anil Goyal,

	I usually isolate large plasmids from B. thuringiensis by using the 
protocol which I modified from the method described by Kado and Liu. You 
could find my protocol in detail in J. of Industrial Microbiology 6(1990) 

Good luck

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