pET, lysE, lysS, bacterial expression questions

Manuel Simon ma at
Sun Jun 5 14:27:21 EST 1994

In article <Cqs4LF.4y5 at> jfh <jfhess at> writes:
>From: jfh <jfhess at>
>Subject: pET, lysE, lysS, bacterial expression questions
>Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 17:00:51 GMT

>Howdy gang,
>Our major problems are 1) expression of the protein in UNinduced cells
>and 2) not major increases in exression upon induction. 

>My questions are 1) any better strains to try with my existing pT7
>2) anyone have experience using rifampicin to shut down the e colis?
>3) anything else to try?

These strains in my hands worked nicely. You ought to add some glucose to the 
medium and make sure that your cells are in a early logarthmic phase before 
shifting to the induction.


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