Benchtop oligos: fast and cheap?

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Sun Jun 5 12:44:05 EST 1994

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[description of a reference on benchtop synthesis of oligos deleted]

>I'm suitably impressed by their description.  I know my original quest was
>for Benchtop oligos: fast and cheap.  Well, it looks fast, and you can do
>it on a benchtop, but is it cheap?  I think the cheapest commercially
>available oligos are about $2.50 a base or thereabouts...if this method is
>cheaper, it could be really useful...My question now is, has anyone out
>there tried this method?

The cheapest commercially available oligos I'm aware of are $1.25 a base,
with no setup fee, from DNAgency, 2 New Road, Suite 312, Aston, PA 19014,
(610) 459-7840, fax (610) 459-7826.  I think I saw a couple of other
companies advertising similar prices in the latest Biotechniques.
	I doubt the benchtop method will be much cheaper than commercial
prices, especially if your time is worth anything, but it sounds
intriguing. If you try it, be sure to let us know how it works out.
	As usual, no financial connection to any company, blah blah blah.

John H. McDonald
Department of Biology
University of Delaware

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