pET-3d vector sequence

Stefanie Butland butland at
Sun Jun 5 12:27:45 EST 1994

Garry Myers (garry at wrote:
: Hi,

: Could some kind soul provide the nucleotide sequence of pET-3d?  I am aware
: that Novagen, the company responsible for the pET series, do have a vector
: diskette with all sequences on board.  As our purchase of this vector
: pre-dates the release of the disk (I think) and I only want the one sequence,
: I would like to avoid buying it as long as possible!  Searching Genbank comes
: up with what is apparently a pET derivative (pET-His) but I would appreciate
: the real thing if possible....

: Cheers,

: Garry.

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If you call Novagen, the technical support people will send the sequence 
to you via e-mail.


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