DNA-contaminated PCR

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> Hello,
> I'm having trouble amplifying DNA from museum material. The skins I need to 
> extract DNA from have been kept on the floor of a dirty store room. So I'm 
> amplifying mouse DNA instead of the organism I'd like to investigate. 
> I wonder what are the best methods to get rid of the surface DNA 
> contamination before actually starting the extraction from the old & dry 
> skins. Maybe some DNase treatment, followed by the elimination of the enzyme 
> before starting the lysis of the skin itself?
> Also, if you know about a newsgroup or other forum specifically interested 
> in ancient DNA amplification, please give me a pointer.

Dear Zoltan...if it is just mouse DNA then this should dissolve away in
Is it mouse DNA or mouse tissue that is contaminating?
If it is mouse tisse/excrement etc.. then i guess the best way is to design
PCR primers that are specific to the organism u wish to amplify from..

sorry for limited info..



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