Inducible eukaryotic expression vector ?

Kari Airenne airenne at
Mon Jun 6 07:45:26 EST 1994

Dear colleagues/netters

I am wondering if any of you have used LacSwitch Inducible Mammalian expressionsystem sold by Stratagene for protein production in eukaryotic cells. As far
as I have understood right there are only limited number of possibilities for 
inducible protein production in eukaryotic cells and, at least for me, this 
seems to be a good choice for that. So if you have used this system or if you 
know any other good tightly regulated eukaryotic vectors, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Kari Airenne
University of Jyv{skyl{
Department of Biology
Vapaudenkatu 4
email: airenne at 

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