Elutip-D v. Elu-Quick

phoward at SN1.CVM.NCSU.EDU phoward at SN1.CVM.NCSU.EDU
Mon Jun 6 13:28:11 EST 1994

Hi netters.

Forgive me if I sound relatively new to nucleic ac ids, I've only been
working with them for a couple of weeks.  
In trying to isolate a gene we used Elutip-D and Elu-Quick.  Is there
anyone out there who has used these two methods and could give me an
experienced comparison of the two and the "clonability" of their products? 
We didn't get any product out of the Elutip-D and wondered if it was
something we might have done.  Any advice on which is better would be

Thanks in advance.

Peter Howard
NCSU-College of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Microbiology,  Pathology and Parasitology
Raleigh, NC
phoward at sn1.cvm.ncsu.edu

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