Amount of RNase in tissues

rhubner at rhubner at
Mon Jun 6 03:37:48 EST 1994

hi there,
 hmm, for mammalian pancreas the amount will vary depending on species (e. g. 
ruminants have a lot, hence Bovine panceatic RNase, vs. carnivores that have a 
lower amount...) -- RNases that are notoriously difficult to inhibit come from 
certain rodents (intermediate amount) such as rat and mouse, and from mammals 
like horse and pig (low amount, but VERY active!)... other tissues (e.g. 
seminal vesicle) in mammals can harbor other RNases that a also known to be 
(even more?) potent... liver generally has lower activity if compared to the 
pancreas, but it depends on species (and maybe also on "type" of RNase, i.e. 
nuclear vs. cytoplasmic...
 good work!
ps. there is a paper in NATURE from 1966 (I think) that gives amounts for 
pancreas of a lot of organisms...

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