re dyes and DNA PAGE

Robert Preston rapr at MED.PITT.EDU
Tue Jun 7 14:06:30 EST 1994

Forwarded message:
> We all use either bromophenol blue or xylene cyanol on agarose and PAGE DNA
> gels but has anyone know of any others that in particular don't migrate as
> fast on PAGE. In order to resolve a doublet I have to run xylene cyanol off
> the end of a PAGE gel and then some. It would be nice to have an alternative 
> marker to follow. Someone, somewhere must have tried others.
> Duncan Clark                        | Internet:    duncan at

If you can access the information, fine.  Why not just add more XC at one or
more intervals after starting the gel.  Or lower the % acryl so the bands
resolve before the XC runs off?

Rob Preston
rapr at

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