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> I just saw an advertisement for high purity plasmid DNA purification using
> a machine that looks very much like an electro-elution device. The company
> that sells these is MacConnell Research, San Diego CA 1-800-466-7949. Their
> sales pitch sounds like this: "The mini-prep 24 [TM] is a fully automated,
> bench-top instument designed for purification of plasmid or cosmid DNA directly
> from bacterial culture in 60 minutes." ...blah blah blah. Now the cost of this
> thing is about the same as a compact car in the States ($ 7,980 U.S.) and I'm
> curious whether this is worth all the money. What exactly makes this better
> than doing the mini-preps by hand? I imagine a graduate student doing this
> kind of work for much less money spent..."The mini-prep student 48 [TM] is a
> fully manual, bench-stool instrument that can do twice the work of the
> competitor's machine for orders of magnitude less money and in about the same
> time..." ;-)
> Please tell me how this differs from other plasmid DNA extractions.
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Out in the real world labor is not free. The "fully-loaded" cost of having
a person do mini-preps is close to $100/hr in a large company. An $8000
machine that saves a half hour each time it's run can pay for itself quite


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