oligo deprotection

Graham Threadgill gjthreadgill at CCGATE.DP.BECKMAN.COM
Tue Jun 7 10:30:54 EST 1994


     My colleagues in our DNA synthesis department inform me that 
oligos can be cleaved and deprotected in 10 min using acetyl dC 
protected amidite.
     Cleavage takes 5 min at room temperature, deprotection 5 min at 
65c using a 1:1 ammonia : methylamine solution.
     The acetyl dC amidites are available from Beckman (800)742-2345 
for the Beckman Oligo 1000 synthesizer and from Glen Research (800) 
327-4536 for any other synthesizer.
     Hope this helps

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Subject: Re: oligo deprotection
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