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> Wanted:  Information on Automated Plasmid Prep Machines
> 		Suppliers, sources, ads, literature
> DNA produced must be of a quantity and quality sufficient for
>            automated sequencing (ABI's 373A)

| Try ISS-Enprotech of Boston, MA. They purchased a company (AutoGen) and now
| sell  an automated miniprep machine. We demo'd it and it seemed to work
| fine to produce DNA for use in our ABI 373. My opinion only and not NEB's.

I just saw an advertisement for high purity plasmid DNA purification using
a machine that looks very much like an electro-elution device. The company
that sells these is MacConnell Research, San Diego CA 1-800-466-7949. Their
sales pitch sounds like this: "The mini-prep 24 [TM] is a fully automated,
bench-top instument designed for purification of plasmid or cosmid DNA directly
from bacterial culture in 60 minutes." ...blah blah blah. Now the cost of this
thing is about the same as a compact car in the States ($ 7,980 U.S.) and I'm
curious whether this is worth all the money. What exactly makes this better
than doing the mini-preps by hand? I imagine a graduate student doing this
kind of work for much less money spent..."The mini-prep student 48 [TM] is a
fully manual, bench-stool instrument that can do twice the work of the
competitor's machine for orders of magnitude less money and in about the same
time..." ;-)

Please tell me how this differs from other plasmid DNA extractions.

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