Quick and cheap +/- PCR screen?

Elmer M. Price, Ph.D. DCRCEP at mizzou1.missouri.edu
Wed Jun 8 09:28:27 EST 1994

In article <CqurHq.InH at ucdavis.edu>
bagley at fauna.ucdavis.edu writes:
>Can anyone recommend a quick and cheap procedure to identify whether a PCR
>reaction worked or not?  The size of the product, when it amplifies, is known
Mark-I'm not sure this helps since it still involves agarose electrophoresis.
We simply use the same agarose gel over and over.  Using TBE (instead of TAE)
is important as it keeps the gel from melting and helps the samples run true.
This save time and money as the same gel is used to analyze several samples.
Since the gel will be used throughout the course of many PCR experiments, EtBr
should be included in the running buffer.  The gel can be run just far enough
to facilitate the visualization of the expected PCR product.  Then, a new set
of reactions can be loaded into the same wells and electrophoresis resumed.
After a while, there are bands all over the place, but who cares? since this is
an analytical procedure.
Hope this helps

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