magnetic latex ?

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>Subject: magnetic latex ?
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>I have heard of immunoassay protocols which utilize magnetic
>latex particles. Does anyone know of a reference for such
>work ? Or a supplier for magnetic latex ?

>Ed Stokes
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There are several companies (one german, but I can't find their ad),
and some products from PolySciences
1) Immunobeads, Magnetic (coupled w/ anti-Rabbit/Protein-A/anti-Mouse)
2) Magnetic Paricles (Latex, carboxylated, fluorescent-tagged, amino
   sizes 0.05 um, 1-2 um, and 5 um)

Polysciences, Inc.
400 Valley road
Warrington, PA 18976
Ph: 1-800-523-2575 / 215-343-6484
FAX: (215) 343-0214

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