Which thermal cycler to buy??

Wed Jun 8 16:25:07 EST 1994

I realize this is probably a FAQ, but any opinions welcome. We have
one of the original Perkin Elmer DNA thermal cyclers, which has been
a workhorse for several years with zero problems. We now would like
a second machine, partly so that one machine can be reserved for
isotope use, and partly so that we can process more samples more
quickly. If money were no object, we'd probably buy a PE 9600. But
they're $14,500 here in Canada and money is an object! There are so
many other competing machines out there its tough to choose. The MJ
peltier-based unit with the 96 well block looks attractive. But I
still keep hearing rumours that their peltier units break down with
time, particularly if run over 92 deg C on a regular basis. And with
a heated top, they have been quoted at $7,000 Can. to us, still
pretty expensive, especially with reliability concerns still
floating about. Any experience or suggestions in this area would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Peter.

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