Surf Blot Experience

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Thu Jun 9 13:44:19 EST 1994

In article <22 at>, jstiehr at (James Stiehr) says:
>Dear Netters:
>I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience using
>devices that can be clamped over a Western blot to create lanes
>which allows one to use different primary antibodies on the same
>blot.  Idea Scientific Co. has their "Surf Blot" which does this.  
>Do these devices work; are there problems with leaks between
>channels; are they difficult to work with?  I would appreciate any
>comments or anectdotes from experienced users of these things.

We used the Surf blot several years ago.  They are very cheap relative to
other brands and do work if you take care not to get bubbles in the slots.  We
were using them to screen for antibodies in human serum and got a lot of
background, but I doubt it had anything to do with the device.  They did not
leak between wells if the instructions were religously followed.
Hank Seifert 
Northwestern University

>Also, does anyone know of a good source for inexpensive pre-poured
>gels for a Bio-Rad mini-gel system.
>James Stiehr
>jstiehr at 

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