Coli Genetic Stock Center - on-line??

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Thu Jun 9 11:47:27 EST 1994

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>> Is the E. coli Genetic Stock Center of B. Bachman accessible via the
>> internet? Or do they have a catalog available?
>> Dave Boyd
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In February, I was lucky enough to visit the Bachman Lab, and learn a little
about their system.
The email address (in the FAQ) is mary at
There is a gopher address, which I think is cgscdata, sign in as 
guest and use the password: Madison (unless this has changed).
There are is a menu to allow searches in many ways, and to place
a request through this system.  I hope to try it out this summer.
Be gentle, and patient.  I found the people who work there very generous,
and am very glad for the opportunity to check it out in person.
Sue Katz
DKatz at 

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