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Thu Jun 9 11:37:22 EST 1994

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> Dear Netters:
> I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience using
> devices that can be clamped over a Western blot to create lanes
> which allows one to use different primary antibodies on the same
> blot.  Idea Scientific Co. has their "Surf Blot" which does this.  
> Do these devices work; are there problems with leaks between
> channels; are they difficult to work with?  I would appreciate any
> comments or anectdotes from experienced users of these things.
> Also, does anyone know of a good source for inexpensive pre-poured
> gels for a Bio-Rad mini-gel system.
> James Stiehr
> jstiehr at 

This sounds neat, but is it really necessary?  It sound like it would be a
lot cheaper to cut up your blotted membrane and perform the blots in 4 or 5
different trays, each with a different antibody.  (Being sure to label each
strip first...)

Just a thought.
Ed Beaty
Ed_Beaty at

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