multiple antigenic peptides - MALDI

Ron Beavis beavis at
Thu Jun 9 09:49:21 EST 1994

I have had similar experiences with MAP's.  I have obtained some good
spectra (mainly from the MAP's out of Jimmy Tamm's lab at Rockefeller)
using sinapic acid and alpha-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid.  However, these
good spectra were the result of continuous feedback between Jimmy's lab
and the mass spec analysis, i.e. the spectra improved as the synthesis
improved.  This particular class of peptides seems to be much more
difficult to synthesize properly than other types.

Try checking the synthesis at various stages using the mass spectrometer
to look for unexpected side reactions, particularly if you have acidic
residues in the MAP's (they can cyclize).

Ron Beavis

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