Coli Genetic Stock Center - on-line??

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Thu Jun 9 10:02:24 EST 1994

In article: <dboyd-080694114246 at>  dboyd at (Dave Boyd) writes:
> Is the E. coli Genetic Stock Center of B. Bachman accessible via the
> internet? Or do they have a catalog available? What we want to do is to be
> able to search it for strains of a particular genotype, in other words if
> you don't know the name of a strain but you know you would like a strain
> with a particular genotype can the  be accessed in this way? We heard that
> if you phone B. Bachman you should know what strain you want because she is
> to busy to search for you.
> Dave Boyd
> dboyd at

This would be extremely useful. 

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