PCR with ubiquitous primers

Michael Coady coady at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Thu Jun 9 08:00:44 EST 1994

Hello gang,
	I am about to try some 3' RACE and I have a primer that
I can use for the 5' end.  I'd like to use the M13 reverse primer
for the 3' end, and have already used it for one PCR reaction that
worked just fine with an annealing temp of 50 C.  However, with
the 5' primer that I'd like to use, a higher annealing temp
would be preferable.  Can anybody relate some successful experience
doing PCR with one of the standard primers (Universal Primer, Reverse
Primer, T7 or T3) at higher annealing temperatures?  I'd suggest
posting rather than emailing responses, since I suspect that I'm not
the only one who might want to try this.  I will summarize any
email responses though, for those who are shy about posting.
Thanks in advance,


Michael J. Coady
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