The end of inclusion bodies?

mccallo at rand mccallo at rand
Fri Jun 10 11:45:24 EST 1994

OK, I'll reply.  I have used a similar system liscensed by Genetics Institute. 
This system may not be exactly the same, but it is a fusion to E. coli TrxA
(thioredoxin).  The plasmid is called pTRXFUS;  see Bio/Technology vol. 11 pp.
187-193 (1993).  I have only used it once, my heterologous protein was
expressed at high levels & did not form inclusion bodies.  However, all clones
giving good expression also contained (PCR-generated) mutations.  Clones
expressing the wild-type protein immediately lysed;  note that this is probably
a function of my protein of interest and not a general defect in the expression

Owen McCall
Abbott Laboratories
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