PCR on whole yeast cells

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>> Dear Alvin,

<method for PCR from whole yeast cells deleted in the interests of brevity>

>I have tried to perform whole cell PCR on isolates of Salmonella and
>Campylobacter using 5ul of an overnight culture in Luria broth as the
>source of DNA. Even with pre-boiling I still can't seem to get the
>fragments amplified.
>Any tips for bacterial wholw cell PCR?

Count me in - the recent debate on PCR of multicopy plasmids from
E. coli was interesting, but what does one need to do to amplify a
chromosomal gene or chromosomally-integrated plasmid in E. coli?
Is a *pure* chromosomal prep required here?

Any tips much appreciated - will post a summary if replies made directly
to my email.

Rob Solomon
rgs at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
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