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Sat Jun 11 00:18:03 EST 1994

In article <genecutl-100694134021 at kos2mac2.berkeley.edu>, genecutl at mendel.berkeley.edu (gc) writes:
> Does anybody have any ideas of what the Qiagen matrix is
> composed?
> --gc
Current consensus (I believe);

Qiagen			Glass milk
Promega (Wizard)	Silica
BioRad			Celite
Gibco (and others)	Ion exchange
Promega (Magic - RIP)	Celite
"Merlin" etc.		Commercial Celite

However, BioRad != Magic.

(who is dabbling with the Merlin as he has no commercial affiliation
 with any of the above - but pays their price and suffers the consequences)

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