detection of apoptosis, new methods

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> Are there easier or more simple methods available for detetction of apoptosis?
> I think of fluorescence labeling (e.g. alkaline phosphatase) or things
> like that?
there's a histological reagent from Oncor called Apoptag, I think. There's
also a technique depending on end-filling of cleaved DNA ends by polymerase
in the presence of a suitably labelled nucleotide. Less, sophisticated but
often good enough, you can visualise chromatin condensation that occurs in
apoptosis by acridine orange staining, Giemsa staining, EM etc.

N.B. Absence of DNA laddering doesn't mean absence of apoptosis. A recent
EMBO J paper shows formation of 50 kb and 300 kb ladders in some lines that
don't show the 250 bp ladders on apoptosis.

Apoptotically yours,
David Huen

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